Why Is Water Leaking From The Bottom Of My Portable Air Conditioner? Let’s Find Out!

Discovering water under your portable air conditioner can be confusing. After all is not it supposed to keep you cool, not create a mess? But relax This happens more often than you would think and it is usually not too complicated to solve.

Let’s dig into the details and figure out why your air conditioner is acting up.

Why Is Water Dripping from My Portable Air Conditioner’s Bottom?

Is your portable air conditioner acting like a leaky faucet? Here are some possible reasons:

1. Too Much Water

When an air conditioner cools the air, it creates water droplets from the humidity. Usually, these go into a tray and drain away. But if the tray is full or blocked, water leaks out.

2. Not Sitting Right

Just like a wobbly table, an unbalanced air conditioner can’t handle water properly. If it’s not sitting level, water might spill out instead of going where it should.

3. Clogged Pipe

There’s a pipe that lets the water out. If it’s clogged with dirt or mold, water can’t escape and ends up on your floor.

4. Too Much Work

On really humid days or when you use the AC a lot, it can make more water than usual. If this happens, the AC might leak water.

5. Sneaky Refrigerant Leaks

Though rare, a leak in the AC’s cooling system can also lead to water leaks. It’s important to fix this fast because it can damage the AC.

6. Dirty or Frozen Bits

Dust and ice can mess up how the AC works, including water handling. Regular cleaning helps stop leaks.

7. Shaky AC

Portable air conditioners aren’t big fans of being moved around. If you tip them too much, water can spill out from places it shouldn’t.

8. Gaps and Holes

If parts of the AC aren’t sealed well, water can sneak out through tiny openings.

9. Wrong Size

Using an AC that’s too small for your space means it has to work extra hard. This can lead to more water and leaks.

10. Getting Old

As things get older, they sometimes don’t work as well. Bits of the AC might not be doing their job, causing leaks.

Fixing the Leaks: What You Can Do

Now that we’ve pointed out the possible causes, let’s get to the solutions. Here’s what you can do if your portable air conditioner is leaking water:

  1. Empty the Tray: If the tray is full, empty it out. Make sure it’s in the right place under the AC.
  2. Clean the Pipe: Keep the pipe clear by cleaning it now and then. Mix water and vinegar to get rid of dirt and mold.
  3. Balance It Out: Put your AC on a level surface so water can flow where it’s supposed to.
  4. Use It Wisely: On super humid days, consider using the AC less to avoid too much water buildup.
  5. Get Help for Refrigerant Leaks: If you think there’s a leak, call a professional to fix it.
  6. Clean the Dirty Bits: Regularly clean the dusty or icy parts to avoid leaks.
  7. Don’t Tip It Over: Try not to move the AC around too much, and don’t tip it too far.
  8. Seal the Gaps: If you see any openings, seal them up to stop water from escaping.
  9. Get the Right Size: Make sure your AC is the right size for your room to avoid overworking it.
  10. Check Up Time: Have a professional look at your AC if it’s old or acting up.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQS About Leaky Portable Air Conditioners

Can I ignore a small water leak?

It’s best to fix any leaks, no matter how small, to prevent damage.

How often should I clean the pipe?

Every few months is a good rule, but more often during heavy use is better.

Can I fix refrigerant leaks myself?

Refrigerant stuff is tricky. Let the experts handle it.

Will a dehumidifier help?

Yes, a dehumidifier can reduce extra moisture and maybe stop some leaks.

Is mold in the pipe dangerous?

Mold can block the pipe, causing leaks. Cleaning can prevent this.

How do I stop leaks for good?

Regular cleaning, careful setup, and using the AC right can help stop leaks.


Finding water under your portable air conditioner might be annoying, but with the right info, you can sort it out. Remember to deal with it quickly and follow the steps we’ve given you. This way, you will keep your space comfy and your air conditioner happy.

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